Monday, February 8, 2016

Monday Favorites

I'm really grateful for a morning off with extra rest, due to a cancelled class. So here I am, blogging in my pajamas, and enjoying the slow pace of today. I wanted to share a few random favorite things that have been inspiring me lately:

Paper Flowers by The Lovely Avenue
(Photo by Alice Shoots People, Table Design by Leslie Dawn Events)

How gorgeous is this centerpiece + table styling?!

Wooden signs draped with fresh garlands + flowers

I hope to see this kind of natural beauty on one of my signs in the future!

Yellow dresses

Also this engagement photo is just insanely gorgeous and sweet

Healthy Bowls by Design Love Fest

I love all the colors in this nutritious, fresh bowl!

 Alba Good & Healthy Skincare

These natural skincare products have been so good for my skin. I love the Acne-dote scrub too!

I hope that you have a day saturated with the Holy Spirit and beautiful things that fill your soul. Let's abide in Him today and appreciate all the simple, everyday things that make life worth living.

With love,

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